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The Viera Company To Brevard County: Keep School Impact Fees In Viera

Proposed School Sites In Central Viera
UPDATE: The Brevard County Commission voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve The Viera Company’s proposal.

VIERA, Florida – Just one month after the Brevard County Commission voted to consolidate school impact fee districts from four to two, The Viera Company is now asking that Brevard County Public School (BPS) Board and the Brevard County Commission agree to a contract which provides that school impact fees collected within Viera only be used for the construction of schools within the Viera DRI.

According to documents filed with the Brevard County Commission meeting agenda that is scheduled to take place at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, August 18, 2015, The Viera Company is offering to waive future impact fee credits (that it would otherwise be entitled to receive for providing Brevard County Schools with schools sites in undeveloped West and Central Viera) in exchange for the County and BPS agreeing to only use impact fees generated in Viera for the construction of schools in Viera. However, The Viera Company is not offering to waive the balance of impact fee credits it has already accumulated for schools sites that were previously conveyed to BPS in prior years.

BPS Contractually Committed To Build Schools In Viera

According to the proposed agreement, BPS would be contractually obligated to provide facilities in Viera “in a timely manner” once the areas within the Viera DRI reach a certain population point calculated by formulas referred to as “FISH” and “LOS.” BPS would also be required to maintain a capital facilities program to ensure that the contractual obligation is met.
Proposed School Site West Viera

Originally published August 17, 2015

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