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Generator Stolen From Boy Scouts At Space Coast Lightfest

MELBOURNE, Florida – A generator was stolen from the Space Coast Lightfest on Friday night in Melbourne, Florida. The Space Coast Lightfest is a holiday light display held annually at Wickham Park by the Boy Scouts of America. The event raises money for Boy Scout troops throughout Brevard County.

“We are very saddened by the grinch who felt the need to steal from hardworking Boy Scouts,” organizers wrote on their Facebook page. “The boys work very hard to put on an amazing event and it hurts to have someone act in this way.”

“However on the bright side the out pouring of support is up lifting and as scouts we will overcome this. Due to the fact that it is run nightly for at least 4.5 hours, and that it is running a large amount of lights it is a heavy duty expensive generator. One of our volunteers has loaned us one that will run part of the lights out front so we will continue to get customers, until we can replace our generator. We are asking you all to keep a look out for our generator, by watching the online selling sites, pawn shops etc. Also if you will let your friends and family know we are open and up for business that would help. We are going to work harder to raise the money we need for a new generator. Let us share this and show our children that there are way more good people out there, than low life scum who steal from children and who try to steal Christmas from our community.”

“We have been able to borrow a couple of generators temporarily from our wonderful supporters which is a great help. We are working on a permanent solution. We are hoping not to have to take any money from what the boys have earned to buy one that can stay at the event. Many of our wonderful volunteers and supporters have suggested taking donations so if you would like to help us replace equipment for this fundraiser you can donate at”

Photo credit: Boy Scouts

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