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Shooting By Sculptor Elementary School In Titusville

Sculptor Elementary Charter School. Credit: Google Maps.

TITUSVILLE, Florida – A shooting occurred near Sculptor Elementary School caused the charter school to be placed on lockdown on Thursday.

At approximately 3:30 PM, the Titusville Police Department received a report of possible gun fire into a building and multiple shots fired in the industrial area of Shepard Drive and Armstrong Drive in Titusville, Florida.

Officers responded to the scene and the preliminary investigation revealed that a bullet entered a wall of a building located at 1885 Armstrong Drive. Nearby Sculptor Charter School was immediately placed on lockdown at 3:43 PM.

Two men with firearms in the area were taken into custody and are being questioned by police. The scene was clear at 3:59 PM. Sculptor Charter School was removed from lockdown status. Titusville Police Detectives confirmed that no one was injured.

“Any gun related call that we receive is handled as a top priority call”, said Chief John Lau. “In this case, it was an even higher priority because the shooting was just a few hundred yards from an elementary school as well as several businesses.”

1885 Armstrong Drive. Credit: Google Maps.

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