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Star Wars Fan-Film ‘DARTH MAUL: Apprentice’ Goes Viral On YouTube

A Star Wars film made by fans has gone viral on YouTube, racking up over 2 million views in less than three days. It took fan filmmaker Shawn Bu nearly two years to create the 18-minute-long YouTube video which stars actors/cosplayers as Jedi knights who battle Darth Maul.

“Since I watched Return of the Jedi as a child, I wanted to become a filmmaker,” Bu wrote. “This passion led me to study film in Germany, where i worked on several short films & music videos, mainly as director or cinematographer.”

“We always felt that Darth Maul should have had more screen time. So we wanted to create a film just for him with the best lightsaber fights we could do!”

So far, the film has received over 150,00 likes and slightly over a thousand dislikes.

Image and video credit: T7Pro via YouTube

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