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Alligator Caught Stealing A Watermelon In Florida

HENDRY COUNTY, Florida – An American Alligator was caught on camera stealing a watermelon from a watermelon field in Hendry County, Florida.

The Florida Agricultural Crimes Intelligence Unit posted the photo on it’s Facebook page with the caption, “Gator caught stealing watermelon out of watermelon field in Hendry County….” The photo has since gone viral, with over 11,000 shares so far.

Hendry County is located in southwest Florida near Lake Okeechobee – an area well known for its large alligator population.

Although America Alligators are carnivores, there have been other observations of alligators eating fruit, which means that this reptile’s watermelon theft might not be so bizarre. Captive alligators have been recorded eating lettuce, squash, kumquats, oranges, lemons, limes, and elderberry plants, according to

Photo credit: Florida Agricultural Crimes Intelligence Unit via Facebook

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