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Brevard County Public Schools Closed Due To Matthew

UPDATE: Brevard County Public Schools To Re-Open On Tuesday

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida – Brevard County Public Schools will be closed on Monday, October 9, 2016, due to the impacts from Hurricane Matthew. A decision on whether or not schools will be closed on Tuesday has not yet been announced by BPS.

“District personnel ha[ve] worked diligently to restore facilities and operations to pre-hurricane status,” BPS stated in a release. “Based on our most recent updates from FPL, 100% power restoration for Monday cannot be guaranteed; impacting critical supports such as HVAC and the ability to adequately prepare student meals at all school locations. While it is our greatest desire to resume educational services, the district will be closed on Monday, October 10th. This includes all before and after school activities.”
“We will continue to work to resume classes as soon as all functions are operational and we are able to provide an educational environment conducive to learning for both our students and our staff. A decision regarding Tuesday will be made after this thorough evaluation.”

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