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Student Brings Hand Gun To School In Palm Bay

PALM BAY, Florida – A Brevard County Public Schools student was arrested Tuesday morning for bringing a 9mm Glock hand gun to school.
“Earlier this morning staff was advised by other students that a student was in possession of an unloaded weapon on campus,” Port Malabar Elementary Principal Cindy Whalin wrote in a letter to parents. “Our protocols were immediately implemented, the item was confiscated, and Palm Bay PD officers reported to the school and are conducting a thorough investigation. At no time were student or the school threatened by the student.”
“I want to assure you that your student’s safety is always our top priority and our school administration will continue to follow our security policies to resolve such incidents. We want to thank our students for proactively reporting the incident to administration and our parents for instilling the value of honest communication.”
Image credit: WikiCommons

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