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VIDEO: Horse Attacks Alligator In Florida

GAINESVILLE, Florida – A horse attacked an alligator at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park just outside of Gainesville, Florida.

The “horse versus alligator” battle was captured on video by Krystal Berry who was visiting the park along with some from friends on Wednesday.
The video starts off with a group of horses grazing in a patch of wild Florida fauna while the alligator was laying nearby on a patch of mowed grass. A few moments later, one of the horses charges right at the alligator, stomping the reptile with its hooves.
The alligator then opens its ferocious jaws to take a snap at the horse’s legs. The horse then runs back to the nearby vegetation growth while the alligator makes a dash for the other side of the road.

Image and video credit: Krystal Berry via Storyful

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