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Stranded Melon-headed Whale Rescued On Florida's Gulf Coast

TREASURE ISLAND, Florida – On Sunday morning, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Research Institute received a report of a stranded melon-headed whale on Treasure Island in Pinellas County, Florida.
Officers with the Treasure Island Police Department were the first to respond and remained with the whale until rescuers arrived.

Marine mammal biologists with the FWC and Clearwater Marine Aquarium responded soon after the report and helped rescue the young whale.
Experts determined the marine mammal was a good candidate for rehabilitation, and it was transported to SeaWorld Orlando for care.
Melon-headed whales are small members of the dolphin group, and they’re found primarily in deep waters throughout tropical areas of the world.

If you see a distressed, injured or dead marine mammal in Florida waters, please call the FWC Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922.
Photo credit: FWC

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