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Brevard County Commission Passes Resolution For Emergency Repairs To Sykes Creek Bridge

MERRITT ISLAND, Florida – The Brevard County Board of County Commissioners passed a resolution to implement emergency repairs on the Sea Ray Drive/Sykes Creek Bridge, which has been closed since September 10 due to damages from Hurricane Irma.

The resolution is required for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to begin temporary repairs of the bridge to stabilize the critical water and sewer mains and to reduce the threat of failure. The Direct Federal Assistance mission will eliminate or lessen immediate threats of significant additional damage.
“The bridge provides support for critical water and sewer mains between the mainland and coastal communities, and a nearby sub-aqueous water main also sustained damage as a result of Hurricane Irma, and the compromised structural integrity of the bridge poses an immediate public health and safety threat,” the resolution stated.
The emergency resolution, as requested by the state through the Florida Department of Transportation and Florida Division of Emergency Management, also requires a projected timeline for permanent restoration work that will be handled by the County with potential for reimbursement through FEMA.
According to the resolution, Brevard County firmly commits to work expeditiously toward a permanent restorative and rehabilitative solution for the bridge as follows:
1) To restore or rehabilitate the bridge to its pre-disaster function (which may include FEMA reimbursement);
2) To continue working in a collaborative and supportive manner with the City of Cocoa as it makes necessary repairs to restore a nearby key sub-aqueous water main to is pre-disaster function (which may include FEMA reimbursement);
3) To address pertinent damages or deterioration to the bridge not caused by a disaster (which would not include FEMA reimbursement); and
4) Brevard County agrees to give best efforts to meet the following project timelines:
(a) To begin preliminary survey, investigation and design work as soon as possible but not later than 30 days after completion of the USACE DFA mission;
(b) To begin construction within six months, subject to compliance with the required procurement regulations, permitting regulations and FDOT reviews, and

(c) To complete construction with 12 to 18 months of construction initiation.

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