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Campus Charter School In Port St. John To Close October 27

PORT SAINT JOHN, Florida – Campus Charter School announced that it will close in the middle of the Fall 2017 semester, which means that over 100 Brevard County school students will have to find another school to finish out the semester and school year.

The school had been open for 15 years in Port St. John, Florida, but dismissed its management company due to mismanagement of funds in 2014 and suffered subsequent financial difficulty and possible closure.
“We opened this school year with high hopes of a great year ahead and peace about our future. We were expecting high enrollment and the start of our VPK program,” the school wrote in a letter to parents. “Unfortunately, we have found that our enrollment at Campus has declined instead of increasing as expected.”
Campus Charter School’s most recent State of Florida school grade was a ‘C’.
“Brevard Public Schools’ staff and administrators are available to help families with this transition and answer any questions,” Brevard Public Schools spokesperson Jennifer Wolfinger wrote in a statement in response to the news of the closure.
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