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Brevard Times Reaches 2 Million YouTube Views, 1000 Subscribers

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida – December 2017 marked another milestone in Brevard Times’ six-year history of delivering free online news covering Brevard County, Florida.
According to YouTube metrics, Brevard Times’ YouTube channel reached 2 million video views and 1000 subscribers in December which reflects the news organization’s unique ability to bring original videos not covered by other media sources to our audience on Florida’s Space Coast.
For those of you who have not subscribed to the Brevard Times YouTube channel, browse our video collection to see what you have been missing and be sure to subscribe for free. Viewers will also find playlists of news video categorized into popular topics such as:
Videos With Impact
By far, the video with the most impact on Brevard County this year was embedded in the Last Lowest Tide Of 2017 To See Satellite Beach Reef Rock article which sparked firestorm of renewed interest in saving the reef and was the eventual catalyst to Dalton Smith and Ian Gronosky producing reef videos of much better quality.
YouTube Video Counts vs. Facebook Video Counts
YouTube counts videos around the 30 second mark while Facebook counts a video view at the 3 second mark (Facebook videos also auto-play without sound as users scrolls through their news feed, which also inflates the video view count). This means that YouTube’s video count more accurately reflects viewer interest in the video than Facebook’s video count.

Brevard Times Video Count is Real, FLORIDA TODAY Inflates Its Numbers

Brevard Times’ YouTube video counts are more accurate than the recently inflated video counts by our competitor, FLORIDA TODAY, because Brevard Times doesn’t force feed videos onto our readers with auto-play videos with sound embedded into every article which consumers rate as one of the most annoying internet ad types. Luckily for consumers, Google’s Chrome browser will begin to block those annoying auto-play videos with ads on February 15, 2018.
For the last 5 years, Brevard Times retains its title as the most popular Brevard County-based YouTube news channel. Meanwhile, FLORIDA TODAY’s YouTube channel remains in last place with only 20 subscribers and less than 3,000 views.

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