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Cocoa Police Crackdown On Unlicensed Street Vendors Causes Social Media Stir

COCOA, Florida – A recent Facebook post by the Cocoa Police Department warning about unlicensed street vendors is generating public backlash on social media:

“We are asking property owners in the city of Cocoa to please not allow people to set up vendor areas on your properties.

Per city zoning regulations all street vending is prohibited within the city limits unless it is a permitted special event.

Street vending is prohibited and property owners allowing this activity on their property will be cited and the vendor will be forced to leave.

Unregulated street vending can create potential health risks and other hazards.

For more information please contact the Police Department’s Code Enforcement Division at 321-433-8508.”

But the post didn’t sit well with many residents who expressed concerns that the Cocoa Police Department should focus on higher-priority crimes rather than street vending.
“It’s a good thing they are cracking down on this and not the bums, junkies, thieves, drug dealers that are huge problem in the City of Cocoa,” wrote one commentator which reflected the position of the majority of Facebook comments.
However, a few people sided with the enforcement policy.
“None of the vendors are lic[ensed] or insured is the problem,” wrote a supporter. “How is that fair to the tax paying business owner in these neighborhoods? Plus it looks tacky!”

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