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Florida Surfers Brave Winter Storm Grayson 2018

COCOA BEACH, Florida – 20-degree wind chills, freeze warnings, and high surf advisories generated by Winter Storm Grayson didn’t stop a group of surfers catching clean breaks off the coast of Cocoa Beach, Florida.
While most Floridians were testing out space heaters and prepare firewood for their fireplaces, about a dozen surfers donned wet suits to catch sets of waves breaking just south of the Cocoa Beach Pier despite the gusty winds in excess of 30 mph and a 20 degree drop in temperatures in Brevard County, Florida on Wednesday, January 3, 2017.
Although the high westerly winds created wind chill factors into the high-20’s, those same westerly winds generated clean breaking waves off of the East Coast Surfing Capitol.
Most of the daring surfers remained in the chilly water for hours to catch as many waves as possible before the Sun set as Winter Storm 2018 grips the U.S. east coast.

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