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Palm Bay Peeping Tom Suspect Arrested

PALM BAY, Florida – Palm Bay police arrested a man after he was allegedly seen crouching down and looking inside a woman’s window in Palm Bay, Florida.
According to Palm Bay police, the woman heard someone trying to open the rear door of her closed porch on Thursday, January 11, 2018. The woman then called her father who lives only a few blocks away from the residence.
When the father arrived at the residence on Finola Avenue Southeast, he observed a suspicious vehicle parked around the corner of the house. The father then came around the side of the house and observed a man crouching down near a window and looking inside the residence. The father then challenged the suspected Peeping Tom and the man fled on foot.
The father then returned to the suspicious vehicle and took a photograph of the license plate while calling the police. The father walked around the residence again in search of the suspect and returned to where the vehicle was parked only to find that the vehicle was gone.
Palm Bay police ran the license tag of the vehicle and determined that it was associated with a residence where Robert Sanchez, Jr. lived. Police say that Sanchez, Jr. matched the physical description of the prowler that the father had provided.
The father was later able to positively identify Sanchez, Jr. as the man he saw at the window.
Sanchez, Jr. was arrested and charged with voyeurism and burglary to an occupied dwelling.

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