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Stray Bullets Hit Stone Magnet Middle School

MELBOURNE, Florida – Parents are upset because they were not notified by Brevard Public Schools that bullets struck Stone Magnet Middle School while students were still on campus for extracurricular activities just after 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 13, 2017.
Stone Middle School is located at 1101 East University Boulevard in Melbourne, Florida. The bullets are presumed to be strays from a shooting that occurred around the same time at Lizzy’s Restaurant which is located less than a quarter-of-a-mile from the school at 1301 East University Boulevard.

More than 50 rounds were fired at Lizzy’s without anyone being seriously injured, police say.

“Yes, bullets struck a school building at Stone Middle after school hours. No students or staff were affected,” Brevard Public Schools spokesman Matt Reed told Brevard Times.
“The case is still under investigation by Melbourne P.D., So, I can’t provide further comment on it. However, we always recommend that parents share their concerns and seek answers directly with their school principals.”

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