UCF Student With High Powered Rifles Deported To China

ORLANDO, Florida – A University of Central Florida student will be deported back to China after quick-thinking UCF staff helped the UCF Police Department and federal law enforcement take swift actions in response to a man who displayed distressing changes in behavior and who owned high-powered firearms.

26-year-old Wenliang Sun drew authorities’ attention after he purchased a .308 caliber Ruger Precision rifle with a bipod in addition to a LWRC 300 Blackout rifle that he already owned.

Police say that Sun lawfully owned the rifles because the law allowed student visa holders to own firearms as long as they also had a hunting license, which Sun had.

However, his student visa required that he attend class. When Sun stopped attending class, he lost his non-immigrant status and was subject to deportation.

“At no time did this young man directly threaten UCF or anyone at UCF,” UCF Police said in a statement. “But the combination of troubling factors warranted a police investigation that concluded with the man being taken into federal custody. He will be sent back to his native China due to a change in his visa status.”

Photo and video credit: UCF Police Department