Florida Deputy Kills 11-Foot Alligator That Chased Teen Up Tree

LAKE COUNTY, Florida – A Lake County Sheriff’s Office deputy saved a teen who had climbed up a tree and was clinging for her life after an 11-foot alligator chased her in Astor, Florida.

The 15-year-old girl from Titusville, Florida was floating on a raft Friday afternoon in a creek when the large alligator began approaching her.

The teen then made it to the shoreline and climbed a nearby tree while the alligator continued its pursuit.

The alligator remained at the base of the tree and was hissing. That’s when the girl called her parents who called 911.

When the deputy arrived, the teen’s father said that his daughter had been clinging to the tree for at least 30 minutes.

As the deputy approached, the alligator remained in the water approximately 3 feet from the base of the tree that overhung the creek.

Because the alligator was not scared off by the deputy’s presence, the deputy fired one single 223 round from a Bushmaster AR-15 which killed the alligator.

Since 1948, Florida has averaged about five unprovoked bites per year. During that period, a little more than 300 unprovoked alligator bites to people have been documented in Florida, with 22 resulting in deaths.

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