VIDEO: Florida Man Rescues Alligator From Python With Bares Hands

EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK, Florida – A Florida man rescued an alligator from the crushing grip of a 9-foot-long python with his bare hands in the Florida Everglades on Friday.

Jack Hubbard and his friend, Mike Kimmel, spotted the python coiled around the small alligator just off of a dirt road early Friday morning.

Hubbard walked into the swampy water and grabbed the python behind its head. That’s when the invasive snake uncurled its crushing grip on the alligator.

After being released, the gator quickly escaped back into the water.

Hubbard brought the python onto the road where he handed the python off to Kimmel.

Hubbard then returned with a bag to secure the snake.

Burmese pythons are not native to Florida and threaten native species.

They average between 6 to 9 feet long with the largest python captured in Florida measuring over 17 feet in length.

Because of their large size, adult Burmese pythons have few predators, with alligators and humans being the exceptions.

Burmese pythons are semi-aquatic and are often found near or in water. They are also excellent climbers and can be seen in trees.

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