Wells Fargo Outage: Wells Fargo System Down 2019, Direct Deposit Not Showing

Direct Deposit on Wells Fargo’s online banking system is down on Friday, February 8, 2018, according to customer complaints on Twitter and Facebook across the United States.

The Wells Fargo system-wide outage began late Wednesday night when customer began to notice that Wells Fargo’s system was down.

Although portions of Wells Fargo online banking have been restored as of Friday, customers are complaining that their paycheck direct deposits are not showing up on their available balance online.

Many customers are upset because Friday is the most-used pay day by employers and many customers are expecting their IRS income tax refund direct deposits.

Late Thursday night, Wells Fargo issued the latest update on Twitter about the banking outage:

“We want our customers to know that this is a contained issue affecting one of our facilities, and not due to any cybersecurity event. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by these system issues, and any Wells Fargo fees incurred as a result of these issues will be reversed.”

Wells Fargo also issued the following updates on its progress in restoring services for customers:

• Wells Fargo ATM services have been restored and are available for customer use.
• Mobile and Online Banking systems are operational, with the exception of some features, such as consumer credit card and mortgage balances, that we are in the process of restoring.
• Customers can use Wells Fargo credit and debit cards for purchases.
• Wells Fargo bank branches are operational.
• Our contact center systems are restored, but customers may experience longer than usual delays contacting Wells Fargo’s Phone Bank.

“We continue to work on restoring all our services as soon as possible, and encourage customers to contact us if they have questions or concerns.”

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