Florida Man

Florida Man Slaps Girlfriend With Cheeseburger

JENSEN BEACH, Florida – A Florida man was arrested after allegedly slapping his girlfriend with a cheeseburger while she was sleeping.

According to Martin County Sheriff’s deputies, 30-year-old Kyle Jones woke up his girlfriend by slapping her with a cheeseburger and a verbal argument between the two ensued around 4 a.m. on May 4, 2019.

The girlfriend told deputies that during the argument, Jones pulled her hair and kicked her down the stairs.

The responding deputy did not observe any injuries on the girlfriend, but did observe “several remnants of said cheeseburger on her person.”

The deputy noted that Jones had several minor lacerations to his face and chest which his girlfriend admitted to making while defending herself.

The Florida man has since been released from the Martin County Jail for the alleged Mac Attack.

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