Florida Man Challenge: List Of Florida Man Stories By Date

A viral challenge on social media ask “What kind of Florida man you are?” where participants Google the search term “Florida Man” followed by their birthday.
To help aid readers in the Florida Man challenge, Brevard Times has compiled a list of Florida Man stories organized by month and date.
Florida Man January
January 29 Florida Man Corrections Officer Charged With Pleasuring Self At Dollar General Store
January 31 Florida Woman Hits Dog Walker With Flashlight, Hides From Police In Cat Cage
Florida Man February
February 3 Florida Man With Fake Middle-Eastern Accent Threatens To Blow Up Gay Bar
February 9 Florida Man, Florida Woman Bottle Feed Alligator In Viral Maternity Photo
February 26 Arrested Florida Couple Pleasure Each Other In Back Of Cop Car
Florida Man March
March 8 Florida Woman Charged With Attempted Murder For Shooting Boyfriend Over Snoring
March 15 Florida Man Steals Cable Truck, Knocks Out Service For Thousands
March 24 Florida Man Steals Hot Air Balloon From Indiana During Florida Man Challenge
March 31 Florida High School Student Charged After Biting Off Chicken’s Head
Florida Man April
April 1 Florida Man, Florida Woman Have Redneck Wedding At Mud Park
April 7 Florida Man Says His Turtle Army Will Destroy Everyone
April 21 Florida Man Gets Beaten Up By Easter Bunny
Florida Man May
May 4 Florida Man Slaps Girlfriend With Cheeseburger
May 6 Florida Woman Pulls Alligator Out Of Pants When Deputy Asks ‘Do You Have Anything Else?’
Florida Man June
June 4 Florida Man Tells Police Woman At Gym ‘Liked It’ When He Masturbated
June 4 Florida Woman Squeezes Boyfriend’s Testicles So Hard They Bleed
June 15 Florida Man Says He Steals Pool Floats For Sex Instead Of Raping Women
June 26 Florida Man Says He Only Grabbed His Mother By Head To Kiss Her




Florida Man July


July 3 Unable To Wait Until July 4th, Florida Man Blows Off Fingers With Firework A Day Early
July 7 Florida Woman Caught Pleasuring Step-Father At Park
July 13 Florida Couple Smile For Camera After Grand Theft Auto Police Chase
July 14 Florida Man Cuts Off Wife’s Lover’s Penis With Scissors
July 20 VIDEO: Florida Man Gropes Georgia Waitress, She Takes Him Down
Florida Man August
August 10 Florida Woman Crashes Car Into Tree, Jumps In River, Takes Off Clothes
August 23 Florida Woman Accused Of Murdering, Dismembering Boyfriend
Florida Man September
Florida Man October
October 6 Florida Man Rapes Neighbor, Then Offers To Do Yard Work To Make It Up To Her
Florida Man November
November 6 Fed Up With Robocalls, Florida Man Threatens To Blow Up Supervisor of Elections
Florida Man December