Talk Like A Pirate Day 2019 Long John Silver’s Freebies

Talk Like A Pirate Day Long John Silver's

Ahoy mateys! Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19, 2019.

September 19 was proclaimed Talk Like A Pirate Day in 1995, but did not receive much widespread celebration until the 2000’s following the release of Disney’s film series Pirates of the Caribbean in 2003.

The popularized “pirate speak” of arr, arrgh, yarr, and similar exclamations have been attributed to 1950’s pirate movies such as Treasure Island.

In celebration of Talk Like A Pirate Day, Long John Silvers is giving away a free piece of fish to customers who come in and talk like a pirate.

If customers come in dressed like a pirate and talk like a pirate, they get a free two-piece fish basket.