Brevard Public Schools, Teacher’s Union Agree On Pay Raise

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida — Brevard Public Schools and the Brevard Federation of Teachers agreed Tuesday on salary increases for 2019-2020, likely avoiding the public conflicts over teachers’ pay that marked the previous year.

The biggest winners will be the nearly half of all BPS teachers who are rated “highly effective” and who also have worked for BPS for 12 years or longer. Their total raise would average about 6.5 percent — the biggest increase paid by Central Florida school districts this year.

After two nights of negotiations at BFT offices in Rockledge, the school district and teachers’ union tentatively agreed on the following:

· $2,000 for the 4,149 teachers rated “highly effective” in 2018-2019. That would equate to a 4.1 percent raise for a teacher earning the average BPS salary of $48,634.

· $1,500 for the 314 teachers rated “effective” – a 3 percent raise, on average.

· An additional $1,200 pay raise for 2,416 teachers with 12 or more years’ experience with BPS. That equates to a 2.46 percent additional raise for a veteran teacher with the average salary.

Negotiating teams for the district and teachers’ union broke into smiles and applause upon reaching an agreement on Tuesday.

The Brevard County School Board and Superintendent Mark Mullins said they were determined to negotiate a competitive salary increase and put more money in teachers’ checking accounts as soon as possible. They committed all new tax revenue plus money from budget savings to that No. 1 priority.

The district and teachers’ union will return to the negotiating table Thursday to discuss contract changes meant to improve work conditions.

The negotiating teams will meet from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at BFT headquarters, 1007 Florida Ave, Rockledge, FL 32955. The meeting is open to the public.