Man Drowns Off Cocoa Beach, Florida

COCOA BEACH, Florida – A man drowned in the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday, October 24, 2019, in south Cocoa Beach, Florida.

According to witnesses, the man was seen 100 yards out in the water and struggling to swim back to the beach just after 3 p.m.

The man was eventually pulled out of the water near the beach end of 16th Street South and CPR was attempted.

However, the man was deceased by the time Cocoa Beach Fire Department and Brevard County Fire Rescue crews arrived.

Moderate to strong rip currents have been present throughout the week along Florida’s Space Coast, including Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Rip Current Survival Poster

Rip currents are powerful channels of water flowing quickly away from the shore, which occur most often at low spots or breaks in the sandbar and in the vicinity of structures such as groins, jetties, and piers.

Remember to swim near a lifeguard and do not swim alone. Ask the beach patrol about ocean hazards when you arrive at the beach.

If you become caught in a rip current – do not panic – but yell for help.  Remain calm and do not exhaust yourself. Stay afloat while waiting for help.

If you have to swim out of a rip current, begin to swim parallel to shore.  Once you are away from the force of the rip current, begin to swim back to the beach.

Do not attempt to swim directly against a rip current. Even a strong swimmer can become exhausted quickly.