Publix Thanksgiving Commercial That Makes People Cry Is Back

Publix Thanksgiving commercial "Catching Up"

LAKELAND, Florida - Once again, Publix is airing its Thanksgiving commercial that makes many people who watch it cry.

This year’s Publix Thanksgiving commercial is a rerun of the 2018 commercial “Catching Up” where a mom is looking forward to her son coming home from college for Thanksgiving à la the 1980’s Folgers coffee commercial “Peter comes home for Christmas.”

The opening scene shows the mom making a homemade lattice crust mixed berry pie as the father walks by and says, “Haha, that looks familiar.” To which the mom replies, “He’s still my baby.”

From the exchange between the mother and father around the pie, the scene implies that the mom is going out of her way to make the pie in a special way that her son likes.

The son walks into the house but the mom doesn’t get a chance to talk with him because more guests pour in, his little sister pulls him away, and he receives a message on his phone.

Like most college students home for the holidays, the son wants to go hang out with his friends after he finishes Thanksgiving dinner and the mom is visibly disappointed.

As the mom sadly wraps the pie she made for her son, the son re-enters the room and she happily exclaims, “You’re back!”

“Yeah, change of plans,” the son replies.

The next scene is of the mom and son sitting down at the kitchen table where the mom hands the son a slice of pie.

“I’ve been looking forward to this all day,” the son says about the pie as he lifts his fork.

“Me too,” the mom replies.

In the YouTube description of the commercial, Publix notes:

“This Publix Thanksgiving story is a little reminder that in a world that moves so fast, it’s important to slow down, take time, and make memories with the ones you love. So let’s perfect that pie recipe, share a story, and make new memories around the table.”