Average American Can’t Last 4 Hours With Family During Holidays

If you need a moment away from family during the holidays, you’re not alone, according to new research from Motel 6.

That’s especially true for hosting Floridians where the Sunshine State is home to four of the top 10 destinations in the U.S., according to AAA.

Motel 6 released its second annual holiday travel survey, revealing that while Americans prioritize family get-togethers over the holidays, it takes less than four hours before they need a break from their extended family.

The survey found that 75 percent will hit a point where they need time away from the crowd, and they can be creative in their ways of escaping.

One in four Americans surveyed has hidden in a relative’s house to take a moment alone, while 37 percent have gone so far as to make an excuse and leave the house altogether.

Ninety-five percent of respondents believe it’s important to spend the holidays with family, but two in five of those planning to stay with family admit that it can be a stressful experience.

Almost one-third (30 percent) of respondents believe they would enjoy the holiday season more if their family came together without all sleeping under the same roof, and the same number (30 percent) say their family would actually get along better if they had some space.

“We know how important it is to be with family during the holidays, and whether you need a place to stay or just need to get away, Motel 6 will leave the light on for you,” said Rob Palleschi, chief executive officer at Motel 6.

While two of the top reasons Americans stay with family over the holidays are because it is cheaper and more convenient (47 percent), this doesn’t equate to comfort, according to Motel 6.

That could be because there is not enough space for everyone: Americans report an average of two people will end up sleeping on something other than a bed this holiday season.