Blue Origin Launches, Lands New Shepard Rocket

Blue Origin successfully launched and landed its New Shepard rocket on Wednesday, December 11, 2019, from its West Texas testing grounds.

Viewers can watch a replay of the launch via Blue Origin’s live YouTube channel below.

This is the 6th flight for this particular New Shepard vehicle, marking the first time a Blue Origin booster has made this many consecutive flights (the previous booster flew five times consecutively) – all with minimal refurbishment between flights.

This particular rocket has been an operational payload vehicle for several flights, meaning there are no more updates to the system.

New Shepard  Payload

This will be the 9th commercial payload mission for New Shepard.


Two winning art projects from a contest called Art in Space for high school and middle school students are aboard the New Shepard.

Columbia University

A Columbia University student experiment will study the acute impacts of microgravity environments on cell biology.


OSCAR, which was led by principal investigator Dr. Annie Meier, is a recycling technology payload from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

It is designed to create a mixture of gasses that could be used for propulsion or life support from common waste on a deep-space human exploration mission.

This is Blue Origin’s first full-stack payload, meaning there will be more room to do complex studies in flight.

Student Postcards

Also on the vehicle are thousands of postcards from students around the world from Blue Origin’s nonprofit Club for the Future.

The Club’s mission is to inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM and help visualize the future of life in space.