New Publix Christmas Commercial 2019 That Makes People Cry

LAKELAND, Florida – Publix is airing a new Christmas commercial in 2019 that makes many people who watch want to cry.

This year’s Publix Christmas commercial titled “Christmas Morning” opens with a little girl walking down a creaking staircase in the dark early morning hours on Christmas Day.

Her grandmother, already awake and holding a cup of coffee while standing downstairs in the kitchen, notices her granddaughter, turns and says, “You’re up early. Too excited?”

The little girl nods ‘yes’ silently in response.

“I have an idea. Come on,” her grandmother says in a hushed but enthusiastic voice.

The next scene cuts to the two making a raspberry breakfast treat.

“Can we wake people up now?” the little girl asks while flattening the dough with a rolling pin.

“Let’s wait a bit,” the grandmother replies with a chuckle.

After the breakfast treat is made, the grandmother places a cup of hot cocoa in front of the little girl.

The next scene cuts to the little girl as a grown-up mom holding the same cup on Christmas morning while she stands in the same kitchen and reflects on that Christmas memory with her grandmother.

Her son comes down the same creaky stairs and the mom says the same thing that her grandmother said, “You’re up early. I have an idea.”

In the YouTube description of the commercial, Publix notes:

“This Christmas, let’s make more than a recipe—let’s make a memory. Find a Christmas recipe that speaks to you, then bring it to life with someone special. The result will be more than something delicious. It’ll be something worth remembering for years to come. This year, let’s make it about what really matters—togetherness during the holiday season.”