Senate Passes Bill Creating President Trump’s Space Force

Congress passed the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act that creates a new Space Force requested by U.S. President Donald Trump.

The Senate approved the bill by 82-8 votes on Tuesday. A companion bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives by 377-48 votes.

President Trump is expected to sign the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act into law which will establish the U.S. Space Force as the sixth Armed Service of the United States, under the U.S. Air Force.

The NDAA provides the Secretary of the Air Force with the authority to transfer Air Force personnel to the newly established Space Force.

The NDAA also creates a Chief of Space Operations for the U.S. Space Force who will report directly to the Secretary of the Air Force and become a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“The space environment has fundamentally changed in the last generation. What was once peaceful and uncontested is now crowded and adversarial,” Vice President Mike Pence said when he announced Trump Administration’s Space Force proposal to the Pentagon last year.

“Today, other nations are seeking to disrupt our space-based systems and challenge American supremacy in space as never before.”