Bill Would Allow Florida Pharmacists To Test For Flu And Strep

TALLAHASSEE, Florida – State Representative Tyler Sirois (R-Merritt Island) today announced the Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee in the Florida House of Representatives passed House Bill 389 which would allow Florida pharmacists to test for Influenza and Streptococcus.

“This good bill would allow pharmacists to test and treat for the flu and strep and provide treatment under a written protocol between them and their supervising physician,” said Representative Sirois.

“HB 389 would not only allow for faster diagnosis and treatment of these contagious illnesses, it would reduce the number of patients, some uninsured, who are having to go to emergency rooms and urgent care centers to be seen.”

“As we look toward the future of health care in our state, it is important we consider innovative and convenient ways to provide additional access to care for Florida families. HB 389 does just that for the testing and treatment of influenza and streptococcus. I look forward to continuing to see HB 389 move through the process,” concluded Sirois.

The bill requires a pharmacist to use an FDA approved testing device, have 8 additional hours of continuing education, and maintain $200,000 of liability insurance.

HB 389 is now in a posture to be taken up by its last committee of reference in the House, the Health and Human Services Committee.

In the Senate, SB 714 by Senator Travis Hutson has filed an identical bill.