Florida Dept. Of Education Threatens To Fire Teachers Who Skip School Monday

School districts across the State of Florida will have to scramble to replace thousands of teachers who are planning on skipping school on Monday to attend a political rally in Tallahassee, Florida.

But at 9:30 p.m. on Friday, the Office of General Counsel to the Florida Department of Education issued a stern warning to Polk County that teachers who miss school to attend the rally on Monday could be fired or fined.

“… Per the statute, a concerted failure to report for duty constitutes an illegal strike under Florida law. When teachers collectively decide not to show up for work on a specific day, children suffer as learning slows or even stops altogether.

A strike by public employees includes any deliberate and concerted failure of employees to report for duty that adversely affects the services of a public employer. This behavior is prohibited by the Florida Constitution and Florida Statutes.

An employee organization that violates the strike provision is subject to any damages suffered by a public employer as a result of the violation, a fine by the Public Employees Relations Commission up to $20,000 for each day that a work stoppage continues or the total cost to the public due to the strike, and have its certification as the bargaining agent for the employee unit revoked or suspended.

A public employee violating the strike provision may be terminated from their public position, subject to reemployment upon particular significant limitations…”


In Brevard County, around 100 teachers plan on missing school to attend the rally on Monday, according to a list published by the Brevard Federation of Teachers union.

The list published by the union included the names of teachers, their spouses and children, and other left-wing activists who planned on attending the event.

The entire list can be found on this Brevard Federation of Teacher’s Facebook post:

Because 100 teachers skipping school would affect approximately 2,000 Brevard County school children, it became a newsworthy public policy event.

Other media sources published the number “300” without delineating how many of those 300 were actually teachers which mislead many parents into believing 300 teachers would be skipping school on Monday.

To reduce the widespread worry among parents, Brevard Times published the list of Brevard Public Schools teachers so that concerned parents could see if their child’s teacher is planning on skipping work to attend the rally.

Brevard Times did not publish the names of the teachers’ spouses, children, and other activists that were included in the teachers union’s list.

After the event, Brevard Times removed the teacher list entirely.


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