BPS: No Soap At Schools Are False Social Media Rumors

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida – After comments were posted on the Brevard Public Schools Facebook page that no soap was available on the campuses of Space Coast Junior Senior High School, Viera High School, and Bayside High School which prevented the students from washing their hands to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and other infectious diseases, BPS looked into the matter.

“Our facilities and maintenance team were notified of social media commentary referencing three specific high schools being without soap and looked into the matter,” said BPS spokesperson Nicki Hensley.

“There is in fact soap available at these and our other schools. However, due to incidents of misuse and vandalism, some bathrooms are without dispensers altogether. In these cases, hand sanitizing stations have been provided outside the bathrooms where they can be monitored. Students also have access to other bathrooms within the school that do have soap dispensers for handwashing.”

Hensley added that a memo from the BPS Environmental Health & Safety division was sent to all head custodians at all BPS schools to reiterate the importance of the availability of soap and sanitizer during heightened seasons of illness, including colds, flu, and concerns of Coronavirus.