Florida Grocery Stores To Hire Thousands, Pay Bonuses


Florida grocery stores say that they will hire hundreds of thousands of workers and give employees bonuses to meet the surge in demand for grocery store goods in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many grocery stores are adding $2 an hour bonus pay during this surge.

Links to apply to each company are listed at the end of this article.

Publix is seeking to hire thousands of associates by the end of March to fill positions in its stores and distribution centers. 809 of Publix’s 1,243 stores are located in Florida.

“We take pride in serving our communities during times of need, and with the unprecedented demand we are experiencing, we’re in need of more associates to help across our operating area,” said Publix Vice President of Human Resources Marcy Benton.

“We’re hiring in all stores and warehouses,” Aldi announced on its Facebook page.

Walmart said that it will hire 150,000 new associates through the end of May and pay full-time hourly associates a $300 bonus and part-time hourly a $150 bonus.

Target announced that it is temporarily increasing employees’ wages by $2 an hour.

Dollar Tree announced that it is hiring 25,000 full- and part-time workers.

Winn-Dixie said that it also plans to hire workers but did not give an estimated number.

7‑Eleven said that it expects to hire as many as 20,000 new store employees to be hired by in the near future “to meet the increased demand for products and services amid the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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