Burger King Free Whoppers To Students Who Answer Math Problems And Other Questions

Burger King Math Problem 2020 For Free Whopper

Burger King is giving away promo codes for free whoppers to students who answer math problems and other questions correctly.

Every day through April 20, Burger King will post a question on its Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter social media accounts.

To participate in the promotion, users must have a BK App account or download the BK App and register for an account. The promotion available only for registered BK App guests 18+, and guests between the ages of 13-18 with parental consent.

Users that log into the BK App and correctly answer the question will receive a free WHOPPER with purchase coupon via the BK App within 24 hours.

“Intelligence is 🔥. impress us by figuring these out and score yourself a $0 Whopper with any purchase,” Burger King tweeted.

So students, grab a sigma calculator to find out the answer to the Burger King math problem 2020 for your free whopper.

This is the second time since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States that Burger King has stepped up to help students.

Last month, Burger King gave away free kids meals to students because schools closed and so many low-income students rely on schools for their daily meals.