City of Melbourne: Non-Essential Businesses Cannot Re-Open

MELBOURNE, Florida – The City of Melbourne’s official website is stating that the City is not defying Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ order by allowing non-essential businesses to re-open in direct contradiction to statements made by Melbourne Vice Mayor Paul Alfrey to Brevard County Clerk of Court Scott Ellis with instructions to Ellis that he could publish those statements in his official capacity.

The City of Melbourne issued the following statement:

RUMOR CONTROL: A website today posted an article incorrectly claiming that the City of Melbourne is defying the Governor’s Executive Order regarding essential businesses and activities. Unless extended or rescinded, the entire state, including the City of Melbourne, is still under the Governor’s Executive Order 20-91 through April 30, 2020. The City does not have the authority to supersede the order or to add essential businesses on its own. City employees have not changed how we are treating businesses with regard to the Governor’s order and the city has not opened up all businesses. The City is awaiting the Governor’s directive regarding the re-opening of Florida and will follow that direction with the knowledge that the City Council has expressed a strong desire and commitment to get all businesses open again as quickly and as safely as possible.

Previously, Brevard Times published the following statements made by Vice Mayor Alfrey to Ellis:

“I have made the announcement that our City Manager and Police Chief are not shutting down businesses,” City Councilman Paul Alfrey wrote to Brevard County Clerk of Court, Scott Ellis. “Feel free to make that announcement in your official position.”