Indialantic Mayor: County Lacks Leadership Over Beach Closures

INDIALANTIC, Florida – Indialantic Mayor Dave Berkman sent a letter to Brevard County Commissioners which derided the County for its lack of communication and leadership over closing the beaches in Brevard following the County’s back-and-forth announcements to the public that the beaches would be open, then closed, then open again.

Indialantic Mayor Dave Berkman’s Letter To Brevard County Commissioners:

Commissioners- writing you to ensure you are aware of the disappointment by the majority of your constituents on the beachside community. Commissioner Lober I thank you for your common sense vote last week. Based on social media and lots of post on Nextdoor and FB, your constituents are not happy with you.

This weekend Melbourne Beach, Indialantic, Indian Harbour, Satellite and Cocoa all closed their beaches, leaving open the county beaches and mass confusion by brevard residents. This needs to be all or nothing, time to step up and keep away visitors to our beachside towns! On any given weekend much of the vehicle traffic comes from outside of brevard, why promote them to come here now? Makes no sense!! You can argue they will just gather elsewhere or can’t deny their civil liberties – that is CRAP!

This past week all 16 mayors had a telecom and the over whelming consensus and repeated topic was disappointment in the lack of communication and leadership by you all, if we as mayors aren’t seeing it then who is? We all discussed the communications we get from the state and even White House, not much from County.

Can you please explain for starters why you feel keeping these beaches open are in the best interest of brevard residents in light of this pandemic? Please fix this, step up and don’t be strong armed to do what you know is wrong.

Mayor Dave Berkman