2 Skydivers Seriously Injured After Chutes Entangle In Titusville

2 Skydivers Seriously Injured After Chutes Failed To Deploy In Titusville

TITUSVILLE, Florida - Two skydivers plummeted to the Earth after their parachutes failed to deploy correctly or were entangled during a tandem jump just around 10:28 a.m. on Wednesday, May 13, 2020, in Titusville, Florida.

The two skydivers landed in the 990 block of Tennessee Street near the intersection with Georgia Street which is about a half-mile northeast of Arthur Dunn Airpark.

When Titusville Fire Department and Brevard County Fire rescue crews arrived, the two skydivers were found on the ground in the front yard of a home.

A nearby broken tree limb implies that the skydivers may have first struck the tree which may have broken their fall.

Orlando Health Air Care 3, Health First Trauma Center, and First Flight Air Medical Transport medical helicopters flew to the scene. Each skydiver was independently airlifted as trauma alerts.

The Titusville Police Department is investigating this incident.

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