Bert Gamin Resigns From Sheriff’s Office Before Termination For Brevard County FOP Facebook Post

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida – Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey announced during a press conference on Friday that Lieutenant Bert Gamin resigned before being terminated for Gamin’s posts made on Brevard County F.O.P.’s Twitter and Facebook pages that sought to recruit police officers from Minneapolis, Buffalo, and Atlanta who are accused of using excessive force.

Sheriff Ivey noted that in Gamin’s personnel file, Gamin had made comments with racial overtones to a coworker 15 years ago which was 8 years before Ivey became Sheriff.

Gamin’s personnel file also showed previous corrective actions over similar political and union activity 15 years ago.

Gamin deleted the posts from the Brevard County FOP Twitter and Facebook accounts which previously stated:

Brevard County FOP Facebook post

“Hey Buffalo 57… and Atlanta 6… we are hiring in Florida. Lower taxes, no spineless leadership, or dumb mayors rambling on at press conferences… Plus… we got your back! #lawandorderFlorida #movetowhereyouare [heart-shaped emoji]”

Gamin also made the same offer to Minneapolis police officers:

“Minneapolis officers… we will not disband our agencies or give in… we are hiring in Florida,” the post stated.

The inflammatory posts drew thousands of outraged replies on Facebook and Twitter. Many posts are encouraging tourists to boycott Brevard County.

The Brevard County Sherif’s Office, along with several police departments in Brevard County, have distanced their organizations from the Brevard County FOP Twitter and Facebook posts.