BPS Superintendent’s Revised Reopening Plan: New Start Date, Secondary E-Learning, Face Mask Policy

UPDATE: The Brevard County School Board approved Superintendent Dr. Mark Mullin’s reopening plan as presented with the exception of reviewing the temperature screening procedures.

On Tuesday, the School Board will consider moving the start date even farther back by eliminating Early Release days. But that is dependent upon agreement with the Brevard Federation of Teacher’s union.

Previous Story: Brevard Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Mullins is presenting a school reopening plan at a School Board meeting that is in progress on Tuesday, July 14, 2020, that has been revised since the presentation of a preliminary plan during a School Board workshop meeting last week.

Mullins noted that school-specific plans are still being refined by each school’s principal and that more revisions could be made in the future.

Mullins is proposing to the Board that the school year start date be moved from August 11th to August 17th. Four scheduled Student/Teacher holidays would be eliminated to allow the later start date.

Winter Break will end 2 days earlier on January 4th. The 1st semester ends on January 8th. School would end before Memorial Day.

Later in the ongoing presentation, Mullins said that he will layout details regarding modified language around masks, updates on elementary workgroups, updates on a secondary plan with e-learning options, and updating medical leave policies for teachers and staff.

Students will be required to wear a mask while riding a bus unless they have documented health or sensory conditions.

Teachers will be expected to be physically present and teach students both in-classroom and online students in order to comply with equity requirements.

In addition to hybrid classes, just over 600 students have signed up for Brevard Virtual School compared to 150 last year. This number does not count how many Brevard students have signed up for Florida Virtual School.

Board Member Matt Susin went through Brevard Virtual School and Florida Virtual School websites. He noted that Florida Virtual School is more user friendly which is a concern of parents.

Board Member Tina Desovich asked Dr. Stephanie Soliven for clarification on whether IB and choice students will have the e-learning option. Dr. Soliven stated that all students, including IB and choice students, will have the e-learning option tied to the brick-and-mortar classrooms.

According to a BPS survey, 25% of students and parents are interested in an E-learning option. Each class’s e-learning plan must be submitted to the Florida Department of Education for approval by July 30th.

There will be no dress out for P.E. Students should dress appropriately on days they are scheduled to have P.E.

Employees who use up their COVID-19 leave days will be able to file for worker’s compensation if the extended leave is work-related.

School lockdown drills might be simulated rather than huddling students together – but that is dependent upon state approval for simulated drills.

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