12 oz. Aluminum Can Shortage Hits Coke, Pepsi, Beer Brands

A sign in the Pepsi can section of Winn-Dixie informs consumers of the aluminum shortage. Credit: Brevard Times

If you haven’t seen your favorite brand of Pepsi, Coke, or beer products in cans on grocery store shelves lately, you’re not alone. That’s because there is a shortage of 12-ounce aluminum cans caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

How Did COVID-19 Cause An Aluminum Can Shortage?

As Americans quarantined either voluntarily or due to state mandates across the United States, they stopped drinking soda and beer at bars and restaurants where the beverages are primarily served in bottles or as drafts and fountain drinks in a glass.

Consumers then shifted towards soda and beer in aluminum cans because 12-packs of cans are easier to stack, store, and horde than plastic or glass bottles.

“We appreciate your loyalty to our beverages and please know that we are working hard to keep the products you love on store shelves,” Coca-Cola tweeted.

“It’s something many of us who have worked in the beer industry for a long time have simply never seen,” Brian Erhardt, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Molson Coors Beverage Co., said.