Florida Gas Tax Holiday Ends After Halloween


KISSIMMEE, Florida – Florida drivers will see scary prices while pumping gas after Halloween. That’s because the Florida Gas Tax Holiday ends after Halloween,  October 31, 2022.

The Florida Gas Tax Holiday, formerly known as the “Florida Motor Fuel Tax Relief Act of 2022,” reduces the tax rate on motor fuel by 25.3 cents per gallon.

In just the past 18 months, drivers saw the U.S. average gas price rise from $2.85 in April 2020 to peak at a high of $5.02 in June 2022, according to GasBuddy.com.

According to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ office, Floridians are expected to save $200 million from the gas tax holiday.

Unlike sales tax, which is assessed on the taxable price of goods and services, fuel taxes are assessed on gallons when a product is removed from a terminal or imported into Florida, the Florida Department of Revenue explained.

These taxes are remitted to the state by licensed terminal suppliers and importers who then pass the fuel taxes down through the supply chain to the ultimate consumer at the pump.

Under Florida law, all segments of the petroleum industry must pass along the reduced tax rate, so the consumer receives the full benefit of the tax suspension during the Florida gas tax holiday.