Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral Charter Captain Batters Taxi Driver, Rams HOA Gate With Truck

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida – 41-year-old Zachary Taylor Shedd, a Port Canaveral charter boat captain for Fired Up Fishing Charters, plead guilty to battering a 67-year-old taxi cab driver in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

According to the arrest affidavit, a taxi driver with his passenger was attempting to enter the security gate at Ocean Woods condominium community when he noticed a white pickup truck attempt to enter the gate at the same time.

The white pickup truck, driven by Shedd, then smashed through the HOA security gate, ripping it off of its hinges.

Once through the gate, Shedd sped past the taxi and angled the pickup truck in front of the taxi.

Shedd then exited the pickup and proceeded toward the driver’s side of the taxi.

Shedd screamed at the cab driver for using a remote to open the gate to which the taxi driver replied that he was just taking his passenger home.

Shedd then slapped the taxi driver and said, “I’m not talking to you.”

Shedd plead guilty to battery upon a person over 65 years of age and was sentenced to two years of felony probation, a psychological evaluation, and anger management.

Prior to this incident, Shedd was already a twice-convicted violent felon from charges in Nashville, Tennessee.

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