Right Whale Sighting Map

Right whale Catalog #3370 and calf sighted just off the Daytona Beach Main Street Pier on March 22, 2019. The calf is at least at least 6 weeks old in this photograph and its callosity pattern has started to develop. Photo credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, taken under NOAA permit 20556-01.

A Southeast U.S. right whale sighting map created by the North Atlantic Whale Consortium and NOAA fisheries is now located at https://whalemap.org/WhaleMap/.

For more information about right whales and their migration to Florida each year, visit NOAA’s website.

Right Whales can weigh up to 140,000 pounds and reach 50 feet in length. These baleen-type whales feed on tiny zooplankton.

When Right Whales are active off Florida, speed restrictions of 10 knots apply to vessels 65 feet or greater in specific areas and times along the U.S. East Coast. It is illegal to approach right whales within 500 yards, according to NOAA.