ChatGPT Is Working Again After Being Down

UPDATE: ChatGPT is functioning again. However, chat history cannot be accessed at this time.

MIAMI, Florida – Students in Florida and across the U.S. will have to write their own essays and term papers without the assistance of ChatGPT today. That’s because the ChatGPT is down today and has been down since before noon Eastern Time, according to DownDetector.com.

Is ChatGPT Down or At Capacity?

Although the website is working, both the free ChatGPT and premium ChatGPT 4 artificial intelligence chatbots are not working.

When users go to the website https://chat.openai.com/chat, they see the following error message pop-ups: “ChatGPT is temporarily unavailable. Please check here for updates: https://status.openai.com/incidents/jq9232rcmktd” and “We’re experiencing exceptionally high demand. Please hang tight as we work on scaling our systems.”

ChatGPT status

ChatGPT down
According to OpenAI, they have identified the cause of the problem and are gradually rolling out a solution:
Monitoring We are gradually rolling out a fix that users will receive as capacity allows.
Posted 9 minutes ago. Mar 20, 202313:12 PDT
Identified We have identified the root cause the issue and are working on resolution.
Posted 1 hour ago. Mar 20, 202311:58 PDT
Update We’re continuing to investigate the source of the outage.
Posted 2 hours ago. Mar 20, 202310:58 PDT
Investigating We are investigating an issue with the ChatGPT web experience.
Posted 3 hours ago. Mar 20, 202309:41 PDT

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