Florida Attorney General Warns Of Flesh-Eating Zombie Drug Tranq

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has issued a warning to residents about a dangerous flesh-eating drug known as “zombie drug” or “tranq,” which is also called xylazine.

Xylazine is a Schedule I controlled substance in Florida, making it illegal to possess or sell in the state.

“Floridians need to be aware that xylazine is making one of the deadliest drugs in history, fentanyl, even deadlier. Xylazine is a sedative, and therefore resistant to standard opioid reversal treatments such as Narcan,” Moody said.

“There has never been a more dangerous time to take a chance on any illicit substance, and this drug is only making the problem worse. I’m urging everyone to never use illicit drugs, just one pill or one use can kill.”

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has also issued a warning about the recent surge in the trafficking of fentanyl mixed with xylazine.

The DEA has reported that xylazine and fentanyl mixtures have been seized in 48 states, including Florida.

People who inject drug mixtures containing xylazine also can develop severe wounds, including necrosis—the rotting of human tissue—that may lead to amputation.

According to DEA lab system reports from 2022, around 23% of fentanyl powder and 7% of fentanyl pills seized contained xylazine. People who use xylazine may develop severe wounds, including necrosis, which is the rotting of human tissue that may lead to amputation.

Recent news reports show that at least 236 Floridians died last year with xylazine in their system. Therefore, it is essential for Floridians to be aware of the dangers of xylazine and to avoid taking illicit drugs altogether.

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