How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs for Easter Dyeing

How to make hard boil eggs for dyeing for Easter without cracking is the simplest of your Easter Recipes.

The eggs should be thoroughly hard boiled if you intend to later conduct an Easter egg hunt with the hard boiled eggs that your family dyed for Easter.

TIP: The regular store brand white eggs tend to have a hardier shell that is less prone to cracking while boiling and absorbs dyes better than the shells of premium or organic eggs.

How long do you boil eggs to decorate for Easter?

1. Carefully place the eggs in a large pot in a single layer so that the eggs are not on top of one another.

2. Add room temperature water to the pot so that the water covers the eggs by two inches deep.

3. Add one teaspoon table salt.

4. Turn heat on medium-high until water comes to a rolling boil.

5. Let remain at a rolling boil for seven minutes.

How to make hard boiled eggs without cracking

6. Remove pot from burner and place in kitchen sink. Run cold water into the pot (don’t worry the eggs will not leave the pot as the water reaches the top of the pot.)

***Running Water Over The Eggs Stops The Cooking Process***

If the eggs are not placed under water, they will continue to cook, expand, and crack.

How to dye Easter eggs

7. Once the eggs are comfortable to safely handle, place in a new bowl to take to the table for the dying of the Easter eggs.

8. Do not place the cooked eggs back in the egg carton where salmonella may be present. If you want to use the egg carton, thoroughly wash it with soap and water while your eggs are coming to a boil.

9. If you are using an Easter egg dye kit, follow the kit instructions.

10. If you are dyeing Easter eggs with food coloring, mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar with a 1/2 cup of water for in a bowl for each color.

11. Add food coloring to reach desired color and darkness.

12. Place hard boiled egg in dye wash. The longer the egg sits in the dye, the darker it will become.

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