Severe Storms, Hail, Tornado Possible Across Central Florida

ORLANDO, Florida – The National Weather Service forecasts that severe storms, heavy rain, and possible tornadoes will impact east Central Florida this morning.

Scattered to numerous rain showers and isolated strong to marginally severe thunderstorms are forecast to drift ahead of and along a cold front advancing southeastward through east central Florida today.

The main threats with the strongest storms will be wind gusts of 40 to 60 mph, a brief tornado or two this morning, large hail mainly in the afternoon to the south, frequent cloud-to-ground lightning strikes, and heavy downpours.


A high risk of life-threatening rip currents remains at east central Florida beaches. Entering the water is not advised.


Conditions will be marginally favorable for the development of waterspouts generally from Melbourne northward.


If you receive no warning, your best clue that a tornado is approaching is the tell-tale roaring or rumbling sound they make.

If you hear this, or a National Weather Service warning for your area, take cover quickly. Find a small, interior room on the lowest floor of a strong building and stay away from doors and windows.

Don’t try to outrun a tornado in a car.

If you see a tornado while in a car, take cover in a nearby strong building or get into a ditch on the side of the road.

Remember, tornadoes are deadly and can strike suddenly. They can destroy structures in minutes or seconds. Plan ahead now to be prepared, and don’t leave home without a weather radio.

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