National Weather Service

Strong To Severe Thunderstorms Across East Central Florida Today

ORLANDO, Florida – The National Weather Service in Melbourne is advising east Central Florida residents to brace themselves for possible hail, gusty winds in excess of 50 mph, frequent lightning, and torrential downpours of 1 to 3 inches this afternoon.

The combination of these weather conditions could result in dangerous and even life-threatening situations.

According to the latest National Weather Service forecast, the highest threat for strong to severe storms is expected to occur near the coast during the early to mid-afternoon, along the east coast sea breeze.

However, the risk is predicted to shift to the interior from late afternoon through sunset as sea breezes push inland from both the west and east coast.

The storms are expected to move towards the southeast at a speed of 10 to 20 mph, though their motion may be erratic at times.

Unusually cold temperatures aloft will support large to possibly very large hail, which could exceed two inches in diameter in the most intense storms.

Residents of east central Florida are advised to stay alert and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

Stay indoors if possible and avoid driving through flooded roads or under trees or power lines. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and listen for any emergency alerts or warnings.

The National Weather Service will continue to monitor the situation and issue updates as necessary.

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