Friday, December 16, 2011

Rockledge Police Department Teams with The Children's Hunger Project to Give Food & Toys to Golfview Elementary in Rockledge

Every Friday in Brevard County Schools, the Children's Hunger Project helps keep kids fed over the weekend by providing hungry school children with food and snacks to last them until they return to school on Monday morning. 

This Friday, December 16, the Rockledge Police Department teamed with the Children's Hunger Project to provide toys for the holiday season for children at Golfview Elementary in Rockledge to bring home with their weekend food packs. 

Officer Mike Cadore worked together with the Children's Hunger Project to coordinate today's event.  With him are the members of the Children's Hunger Project:  founder, Bob Barnes, David Cohen, his daughter Casey, as well as Vic Chaffiot and Mark Chaffiot.  Vic and Mark Chaffiot reside in Rockledge and happened to attend Golfview Elementary over forty years ago.  

The Children's Hunger Project aims to eliminate the hunger gap that many children experience when returning home from school for the weekend.  For children who do not have access to enough food, these weekend packs provide them and their siblings with cereal, fruit cups, and prepared meals (ravioli, spaghetti, cocktail wieners) and other snacks that they are able to fix themselves.  

These qualifying children are already benefiting from the National School Lunch Program, which provides free school  lunches to children from families whose income is below 130% of the poverty level, and reduced-fee lunches to children from families whose income is below 185% of the poverty level.  Brevard County  Schools provide free breakfast and lunch to qualifying children.
Hunger in children is a large problem, affecting a large portion of Brevard County's population.  Child hunger is a source of many learning and education problems and by eliminating the problem over the weekends by providing children with their own food, they are able to come back to school Monday morning ready and able to learn and absorb.  
The Children's Hunger Project has been providing weekend food packs to qualifying children for about a month and a half now at Golfview Elementary in Rockledge, but has been providing the weekend packs to elementary schools around Brevard County for about a year now.  For more information, to volunteer or to donate, please visit their website or facebook page.

For more information on the Rockledge Police Department and how they are working to better serve the community, please visit their website.


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